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A mother-to-be whose ‘pregnancy’ turned out to be a tumour that almost killed her experiences baby joy one year on as she expects a healthy boy.

Chelsea Bourouina, 22, of Glasgow, Scotland, became pregnant six months after a fatal molar pregnancy and is due to give birth to her first child in June.


The French native learned about the growth at her first ultrasound reading, 12-weeks into the pregnancy.

She feared for her life when losing two liters of blood during the procedure to remove the tumor and even her doctor was shocked she survived.

After undergoing the surgery and two blood transfusions, the mum-to-be unexpectedly became pregnant half a year earlier than her physicians recommended.

Despite her concerns for the birth, following last year’s loss, doctors have told her the baby boy will be in perfect health.

Chelsea, a food and beverage host, said: “It’s amazing that I’ve been having a successful pregnancy, especially since he is going to be our first.

“It was so horrific that something like this could happen. Experiences like this show you how cruel life can be.


“When I found out there was no baby inside me, I could hardly believe it. I felt like something had been taken away from me. It was so terrible.

“Losing all of that blood was so scary. I was fearing for my life.

“I was happy that I woke up fine from the transfusion and that my family was all around me.

“I wasn’t expecting to get pregnant that soon, but when I found out, it felt like it was a miracle.

“He’s growing at a good rate and he’s really active. It’s really amazing that everything has happened so fast and everything is completely fine with him.”

Chelsea and her family were so shocked when they found out about the tumor.

None of them knew that such a complication existed and were trying to find more information about it.

She said: “We were all just so shocked because we had never even heard of it.


“We heard the doctor talking and we were so confused, so everyone started researching it on their phones.”

Chelsea was getting nervous leading up to her first assessment of the new pregnancy, since she knew it came too soon.

It was also nerve racking for her family until they got the results.

Chelsea said: “The weeks leading up to the first assessment were so terrifying.”

“My partner and my parents were so nervous that it could happen again. I could tell they were terrified.

“Once I had the first assessment, I knew that everything was okay.”

“My whole family was very ecstatic when they heard that the pregnancy was going well.”

The future mum and her partner Lee Foylan, 24, who serves in the British Army have decided to name the baby Reece.

While Lee was hoping for a boy, the gender did not matter to Chelsea after having such a traumatic experience.


She said: “After going through something so horrible, I just want to have a healthy baby.”

Approximately one in every 600 births in the U.K. is a molar pregnancy, according to Charing Cross Hospital.

Jennifer Gilbreath, founder of support group My Molar Pregnancy, says that the tumor develops as a result of a genetic mishap that cannot be prevented.

Jennifer said: “Of all the eggs and sperm that could have met in that moment, it just happens that the ones that connected didn’t do so in the expected way.

“There is no way to predict whether or not the egg and sperm will pair up correctly with no chromosomal errors.

“Women can certainly get pregnant again after a molar pregnancy. They must first reach normal pregnancy hormone levels and then maintain that level.”

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