By Lauren Fruen

THESE startling images show the inside of a sex doll factory where the silicone bodies are made to be sent all around the world.

The pictures show the inside of Real doll which boasts it is the “home of the world’s finest love dolls”.


The factory is located in California and the business was started more than 20 years ago by Matt McMullen.

Dolls can fetch for up for $8,000 (£5,700) after personal modifications and the company says it sells hundreds each year.


The process involves using solid foam for the skeletons before silicone is used for the boobs and bum.

Rows upon rows of naked dolls are lined up in the factory ready for their racy outfits.

Random body parts are strewn around ready to be assembled.


A spokesman for the company said: “We ship worldwide.

“Our dolls start around $5,000 but with all the customization available, most end up being closer to $7-8,000.

“The skeletons we make get a solid foam -much like the foam in a car seat – added on the thighs and calves, and arms and forearms, this mimics the way actual muscle feels.


“A harder foam is used on the chest to mimic the solid feel of the upper chest.

“Most dolls have butt and breasts gels added on at this point, both made out of a squishier silicone.


“The skeletons are then placed ‘floating’ meaning they’re skewered in place so the silicone can be distributed evenly in our molds.

“Silicone is poured in, and several hours later, we crack them open and out pops a doll.”