Amazing Video

By Mike Jones  

These daredevils have no qualms about risking their lives to get the perfect view – venturing inside a huge volcano with red-hot molten lava spewing at their feet.

The fearless duo are pictured as they explore Mount Nyiragongo – an active stratovolcano in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

PIC BY Christopher Horsley / CATERS NEWS

Christopher Horsley, photographer and expedition leader at Ultimate Volcano Expeditions, captured UK thrill seeker, Chris King and his pal as they marvelled at the bubbling lava lake in front of them.

The group even camped out for several nights on the second level of the volcano and made three trips down to the third terrace to view the lava lake.

PIC BY Christopher Horsley / CATERS NEWS –

Christopher, 26, said: “This was my first solo expedition lead, which I really enjoyed.

“The challenges of leading expeditions of this nature are quite large.

“My photography is what got me started in the expedition world, it really captivates me. From living with remote tribes in Papua New Guinea to repelling into the world’s most active volcanoes.

“I shot this collection on our recent expedition inside Nyiragongo, where I was leading rope access of this incredible place.

PIC BY Christopher Horsley / CATERS NEWS

“We camped on the second terrace for multiple nights and made three trips down to the third terrace on the lip of the lava lake.

“This was my ninth time standing next to this lava lake, I think that’s an unofficial world record.

“But still it never gets old, the lake fluctuates and changes so much, there is always something new to see”