Animals Video

By Charlotte Regen

The two young kangaroos are playing around and wrestling just like human kids.

Two year old Roos Kanku and Jake seem to be having a squabble as they shove and paw at each other.


Kanku and Jake live at Wild 2 Free Kangaroo Sanctuary, Australia and Laurae Harvey, who works there says that she catches them in squabbles daily.

Laurae said: “They were both rescued and initially raised by other carers, and came here to live when Kanku was 10 months old and Jake was 12 months old.

“They were playing on this occasion, but sometimes it gets a bit more serious. I have seen then fight every single day for the last 10 months.


“It went on for about 20 minutes, but it can go on for longer sometimes.

“My reaction was the same as usual – no reaction other than to film it occasionally. It’s just what they do – they practice on each other to hone their skills for when they reach their prime in a couple of years.”