Video Viral

By Katy Gill

This dancer is not going to become a star – as his athletic move quickly turned into a pathetic fall.

Student William was enjoying a few drinks and music in their student house in London when he tried out a few moves.

Overestimating his gymnastic ability, William goes into a star jump before trying to touch the floor.

However, he gets his balance wrong and flies backwards into the kitchen door before landing on the floor.

As he starts to fall, he tries to grab hold of a small, foldable chair, but it is not enough to stop him going down.

Fortunately, William quickly sees the funny side and starts laughing in the corner where he landed.

Josh Hornsey, a student at the University of Westminster, was filming at just the right time.

Josh, 21, said: “We were in the kitchen and it happened around 5am.

“We hadn’t gone out at all, we were just having casual drinks.

“He didn’t slip on anything. He just tried to do an eccentric dance move which didn’t work out too well.

“I have no idea how he ended up on his back like that.

“People have fallen over before, but this is the first time we’ve managed to capture it on video.

“He’s normally a terrible dancer anyway.

“It was posted on Snapchat and he was stopped around uni a few times.

“People fond it hilarious with background music and that it was captured at the perfect time.”