Animals Video

By Katy Gill

This is the hilarious moment a pet rabbit gives its owners the cutest wake up call by running around their heads.

As Richard Thompson and his fiancee Kimerly Joanne were snoozing at home in Ipswich, Suffolk, bonkers bunny Jeremy decided they had slept long enough.


Leaping on to their pillows, the tireless thumper jumps around the couple’s bed at 6am on March 9.

Having hoped to get an extra couple of hours sleep, Richard, 34, laughs it off while his 27-year-old partner buries her head under the covers saying ‘he’s such a pr**k’.

IT developer Richard said: “This is the first time he’s done this while we’ve been asleep, he’s just happy and burning off energy.

“I wasn’t too grumpy about the whole situation, you can hear me laughing in the video.


“He’s so cute that you just can’t be mad at him, Kim was slightly grumpier hence her comment, but to be fair he did jump on her face.

“After this I did manage to get back to sleep.

“I only checked the footage the next day because I vaguely remembered waking up.”


Richard and Kim have four rabbits and four cats in total and the hilarious footage was captured on the couple’s CCTV cameras which they use to check on the animals when they’re away.

Jeremy is a Netherland Dwarf cross and was rescued just over a year ago.