Offbeat Video

By Katy Gill

A salon owner has unleashed his ‘natural flair’ for morphing fashion into fine art with this exhibition of his breath-taking creations.

Liam Brandon Murray has designed dresses, suit jackets, corsets and even top hats as intricately detailed as cathedrals.


Taking around two years to construct from scratch and weighing between 80lbs to 90lbs each, these ornate garments feature architectural additions such as gargoyles, angels and lit up stained glass windows.

Liam, from Derby, seeks his inspiration from a wide range of locations and ideas, including cathedrals and mansion houses, to steampunk influences and futuristic alien inhabitants.

One dress has been drawn up and created around the idea of ‘hunting an alien’ to use its hide as a bi-product, just like humans do with leather, placing intimidating extra-terrestrial-like limbs out of the backless beauty.


Liam said: “I put in as many hours with my designing as I do with my full daytime job.

“I often look at my art when it’s finished and wonder who has actually done it!”

The hairdresser-by-day is now hoping to find an opera singer to wear one of his pieces during a performance as he believes ‘the two arts marry perfectly together.’

The creator said: “No photographs or videos do it justice whatsoever.


“Having said this people’s reactions are off the scale, it mesmerises them.

“I have known people spend hours in front of just one piece and come back day after day to digest it even more.”