Video Viral

By Curtis Mitchell 

It does not always pay to be nice.

In an traffic collision captured on a dashcam, a driver in a white SUV tries to be kind to another road user in a black saloon by surrendering his right of way.

But as he is being waved through, the saloon driver does not spot an oncoming car and turns straight into its lane.

Both cars are rendered barely driveable in the ensuing crash.

The white SUV is left to pull away as it originally should have done, as it had right of way over the black car.


Driver Jerry Woods, 32, captured the incident on his dashcam, asking people not to be nice and instead just to obey the rules of the road.

Jerry said: “This is the only incident like this I’ve captured on video, but not the first incident like this I’ve witnessed.

“There are a lot of distracted and somewhat incompetent drivers in northern Virginia.

“After the incident the parties involved cleared the intersection, I made sure everyone was ok, then moved on, as there was no shoulder or any other place for me to stop.

“It was somewhat jarring to see. I was heading home after a long, tiring day in the office.

“The accident got the adrenaline going, and I was very alert for the remainder of the drive home.

“I felt bad for the driver ahead of me to be honest.

“he was being waved on by the white SUV, and must have had tunnel vision on that car to miss the oncoming traffic.

“You could tell he was embarrassed by his body language.”