By Nelson Groom

This incredible snapshot captures the moment an Australian parrot fashioned a loudspeaker out of a streetlight to impress his flock.

The stunning photograph, taken in Nowrah in New South Wales, shows a corella unclipping the plastic casing of a lamppost to call into it – creating a microphone effect which amplified the volume of his cries.

Pic by Matthew Jones/Caters News 

Photographer Matthew Johnson, 52, started snapping when he saw the bird leave his feathered friends to perch on the pole and pull off the clever trick.

Matthew said: “These birds love to accentuate their presence amongst the flock, they are very intelligent and find innovative ways to do this.

“He gripped the light and started unclipping it and screaming into it like a microphone, the volume was much bigger and larger than normal.

“The message it sends to the rest of them, and particularly his rivals, is: ‘I’m bigger and stronger than you,’ so they’re doing this in a very competitive way.

“The timing was also perfect: dusk is the most active time for them and you can see the bird glowing in the last light of day.”

Pic by Matthew Jones/Caters News 

Studies have revealed corellas are among the most intelligent birds in the world and can learn complex tasks including warning their flock of imminent danger.

Their unique feet – which have two toes at the front and two at the back – give them a unique ability to grip and hang off street poles.

Matthew, from Callala Bay in New South Wales, said he was drawn towards photographing Australian birds because of their little-known intelligence.

The 52-year-old, who snapped the image earlier this year, said: “I’ve been photographing all my life, but I never get sick of capturing birds.

“There is so much interesting behaviour we don’t know about.”