By Jack Williams

Forget photobomb – this GOATobomb made for a delightful and unique shot for one loved-up couple in their pre-wedding shoot.

In the one-of-a-kind shot, soon-to-be-married couple Arita Paul and Debapriya Raha can be seen embracing in the background while the pair of goats in the foreground perfectly align, allowing the couple to be visible between the gap in their heads.

The shot was captured in Maidan, Kolkata, India, on February 25, 2018, and Arita, 26, and Debapriya, 30, said they could not be happier with the image.

It was captured by photographer Kaushik Koley of Memories N’ More Photography, a group of three photographers that includes Souvik Rodricks and Abir Bose.


Souvik, who helped his partner with the shoot, said: “We were looking at two couples in this frame: the human couple, of course, and the goat couple.

“Interestingly, the goats are arranged in couples. They are tied in groups of two, as if each of them is an eye for the other.

“They [goats] support each other, protect each other and love each other, just like the human couple in the picture.

“So, bottom line: we see a lot of love in this image. Be it between the human couple or the animals.”

Though the response to the image has been predominantly positive, some on social networks have criticized the photography team for including goats, which are seen as stupid animals, Souvik said.

Arita and Debapriya, who currently live in Kolkata, are due to be married on May 12, 2018.

Arita said: “We had a great pre-wedding photo shoot experience with Souvik.

“The picture which had stolen all the attention was a very creative click.

“Our first reaction after seeing the image was, like, “Awww, what a cute picture,” as both the goats were knotted together and they were standing steadily in front of where we were posing as if they also wanted themselves to get clicked.

“Overall,it was a really cute and heart touching image which looked really unique.”

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