Offbeat Video

By Kirstie Sutheran 

Well I’ll be – this poor grandma doesn’t get how rude her grandchild is making her.

Julia Shepard, 19, was hanging out at her grandma Linda Marie Shepard‘s house watching TV.

While scrolling through Facebook on her phone, she came across a picture of the words ‘Whale Oil Beef Hooked’.

Said together the words are supposed to sound like a rude phrase in an Irish accent.

Gas station attendant Julia, from Essexville in Michigan, USA, showed the phone to her grandma and asked her to try it.

She fell about in hysterics while her grandma unwittingly swore repeatedly.

Eventually after being shown the video of herself Linda realised just what she had been saying.

Julia said: “I recorded it at my grandma’s house. We were hanging out watching TV and I was scrolling through Facebook when I came across the picture of the words ‘Whale Oil Beef Hooked’.

“I knew what it was meant to sound like instantly, so I figured I’d show my grandma to see her reaction. I was telling her to say the words.

“I was laughing so hard to the point tears were coming out, which was when I decided to record her so our family and friends could also have a laugh.

“I recorded her for about a minute, and she still didn’t realize what she was saying. So I then showed her the video of herself and after watching it once she realized what it had sounded like.

“She thought that it was pretty funny.

“I originally uploaded it for our friends and family to also have a laugh. They absolutely loved it and started sharing it. And before I knew it, it started going viral.

“I knew the video was funny, but I didn’t expect this many people across the world to see it.”