Animals Video

By Ellie Duncombe

It’s safe to say that cats can be easily amused, but this little white cat seems totally mesmerised by the movement of these windscreen wipers.

Two-year old Sage is actually deaf and he lies on the windscreen and watches in wonder as the wipers flap back and forth.

Pic by Jessica Ann/Caters News

His owner, Jessica Ann says that this isn’t the first time that cute Sage has been amazed by them many-a-time before.

Twenty-five-year-old Jessica, from Louisiana, US, said: “Sage loves the outdoors but he can’t venture out by himself because he’s deaf so I take him on car rides and he loves them.

“He loves to lay on the dash and watch the windshield wipers – he has done this before.

Pic by Jessica Ann/Caters News

“He sat there for the whole car ride which was about twenty minutes. I thought it was funny and I enjoyed it.

“Sage isn’t a normal cat and it’s hard to get him to focus on anything for too long so I was happy I caught it on video – people I’ve show it to love the video.”