By Jack Williams

This fascinating house, which is currently on the market, looks like it could be a human version of a giant HAMSTER MAZE.

Appearing to be made up of interlocking stacked blocks, narrow hallways, portals, and vibrant primary colours, the 70s abode stands out on the huge sprawl of acreage on which it sits.

Pic by Sothebys International Realty / Caters 

Round windows, entrance ways and tunneled halls add to the maze-like feel, while an abundance of glass and sliders open up much of the interior.

The property is currently on the market for 682,000USD (494,000GBP) and comes with three bedrooms, two baths and a number of terraces and common areas.

Pic by Sothebys International Realty / Caters 

It is situated in Saint-Damase-de-L’Islet, Quebec, Canada, and offers stunning views of the surrounding greenery and encompases a sprawling 22,604 square feet.

Pic by Sothebys International Realty / Caters 

The home was designed by Canadian architect Jacques de Blois in 1972, and, according to broker Chantal Dussault, the home would make for a perfect bed and breakfast – something regulations allow for.

Chantal said: “[The ideal buyer would be] nature lovers or an operator of a B and B.

“At this time, the house was accessible directly by a ramp for snowmobiles.

Pic by Sothebys International Realty / Caters

“The current owners love their home, but it’s a transfer for work.

“It is important for them that the buyer takes care of the property.”