Offbeat Video

By Sophie Norris

This little girl has just learned to say ‘no’ but has developed a surprising appetite for her dad’s beer.

One-year-old Amelia Zanoff was less than impressed when her mum, Christina Zanoff, 31, cooked chicken fettucine alfredo with broccoli and it seems all she wanted was to be like her dad.

Last Sunday, John Zanoff, 29, had been trying for 20 minutes to get his little girl to eat her home-cooked meal with no success and in the clip Amelia even refused her favourite apple juice, pushing it away with her hands in disgust.


But when he placed his can of Coors Light on her highchair table, he never expected his innocent little girl to be so excited by beer.

John, from Georgia, US, said: “Amelia recently learned to say ‘no’ and it’s quickly become her favourite word. She’s got to that stage now where everything is ‘no, no no’.

“This battle to try and get her to eat something had been going on for about 20 minutes by the point we started filming and she just wasn’t having it.

“We filmed it as a joke because she kept saying ‘no’ and I put the can in front of her to see how she’d react. It was so funny when she stopped crying and smiled.”

In the ten-second clip, the toddler sits in her highchair and demands her dad’s beer before rocking with glee at the shiny silver can.

John said: “Obviously she didn’t have any of it but she definitely wanted some of what her dad had. I think that’s what it was – she’d seen me with it and that’s what made it appealing. It was something new and different to her.


“When I took it away to have a sip, she had a blank look on her face as if to say ‘no, you put that back’.

“She’s not done it since then. I think it was one of those funny one-time things.

“She’s just at a fussy stage with her food. Usually she’s a really good eater and one of those kids who will eat pretty much anything you put in front of her.”

Vowing to save the video for Amelia’s 21st birthday, John admits that while she was slightly fed-up in the video, she’s usually happy-go-lucky and enjoys cuddling up to the family’s dog.

John said: “Amelia has such a great personality and is usually always smiling. I have a 180-pound English Mastiff, Indiana, who’s a big dog and she loves crawling all over him while he just lets it happen.

“She gets really excited about anything.

“I’ll definitely have to save it for her 21st birthday to embarrass her. It was hilarious.”