Nature Video

By Charlotte Regen

This amazing footage shows the beautiful abandoned village that has been totally consumed by sand.

The village is located in Kolmanskop, Namibia and it was created when diamonds were discovered there in 1908.

But by the first world war the town was in decline and in 1954 it was abandoned.


Addison Busselle captured the beautiful sight on camera when she went to visit the ghost town along with her boyfriend.

Addison, from Phoenix, Arizona, says that it’s one of her favourite places to visit and that she was blow away at the sight.

She said: “I was amazed the first time I went. It’s so cool to see how a whole state of the art town can be completely swept up and over by the own ground it was built on if left to Mother Nature.

“It’s almost like the earth is taking back what’s hers. Also I didn’t expect for such an early town in the middle of Africa to have such state of the art machinery, architecture, modern comforts, and forward thinking for that time. All to have it abandoned not long after it was built to fall apart and be taken over by sand dunes.


“I have gone twice now and intend on going back soon. I learn something new each time I’m there and am always blown away by how unreal it is walking around in the sand filled buildings. Like you’re in a world where all signs of people have died out and no longer exist.

“This trip to Kolmanskop was taken all for the fun of exploring Namibias history. My boyfriend lives in Namibia on his family’s working cattle and horse ranch.

“They have an internship/volunteer program where students and guests can come work on the ranch and learn about ranching and living in Namibia and Africa.

“This trip was taken as a holiday away from the ranch and a chance to take our volunteers on a bit of a tour to see more of Namibia.


“I would just like to add that it is not only a super cool and eerie ghost town but back in its heyday it was the richest town in Africa because of the thousands and thousands of diamonds literally laying right on top of the sand.

“Driven by the wealth of the first diamond miners, the residents built the village in the architectural style of a German town as most of them were Germans who were sent from Germany to build the port town of Lüderitz.”