Animals Video

By Kirstie Sutheran


This determined dog was just pugging along as he replaced huskies in pulling a sled through snow.

After Storm Emma battered Edinburgh, Philip Reid decided to take daughter Poppy and pet pug Lola to enjoy the snow on March 3.

With his eight-year-old holding on to a leash and plonked on a plastic sleigh, the three-year-old pooch leads the way downhill in Figgate Park.

Lola kept on running with her tongue lolling around clearly enjoying herself as much as Poppy, giggling on the back.

Philip said: “It happened quite suddenly.

“One second, Lola was cuddling up to Poppy on the sledge, which she loves doing, the next, she was running in front and pulling them both along.

“She jumped off and started pulling sledge and a fair rate of speed.

“The snow was very packed by all the sledges, so this made her task much easier.

“She loves running about in the snow and even eating it.

“The kids really loved having all the snow and the fun that was had

“Lola is one of the friendliest, happy dogs I have had, a real character.”