Offbeat Video

By Bethany Gleave

A group of Carlsberg workers who had been made redundant finished their last shift in style by marching their way to the nearest pub to the sound of bagpipes.

More than one hundred workers from the Stonecross depot, in Warrington joined together as the gates were closed behind them and marched proudly for one last pint.

Former shop steward Steve Reeves, 47, filmed the walkout on


Friday February 23 as part of a memento for the workers at the depot.

In the full-length video, which has gone viral, Steve includes photographs and an inspirational narrative to show the workers why they should be so proud.

Steve from Stoneclough, Bolton, said: “We wanted to go out with our heads held high. John who could play the bagpipes started the same day as me and offered to march us out.

“I decided to make the video as a memento for everyone who worked there.

“It wasn’t a video to attack Carlsberg. I wanted to show how much we loved our jobs.

“We were all like a family and we all loved our job. I had a lump in my throat when we were walking out.


“I also wanted to use the video to have a say about business in this day and age. You are left feeling like a number.

“We were walking for about 15 minutes and went to the pub. It felt very patriotic, people loved their job and were proud of it.

“I enjoyed going for one last pint and saying our goodbyes.

“I had worked at the depot for just short of 15 years. We had heard rumours over several months that the depot would be closing but nothing was confirmed.

“Then around 18 months ago we got the terrible news. Some of the guys had been with the company for 40 years and it was very sad that they were going to close the gates.

“I have met some wonderful people working here and it has been a pleasure to work with them all, im going to miss them all.”


Around 150 members of staff joined the march to the pub for one final pint.

After posting the video online, the grandad-of-one’s post soon spread and currently has more than 400,000 views.

The video also attracted job offers from well-wishers wanting to get the staff back into employment.

Steve said: “From the video going viral I’ve had jobs offered to me, they haven’t all been suitable so I’ve passed the details over to some of the other lads.

“All the job offers are from the video, I never expected it to do that. You’ve got to put a positive spin on it.

“I’m not bitter about losing my job, its’ just the way business works.”

A Carlsberg UK spokesman said: “We understand the sentiment expressed in the video.

“We thank all of the team at the depot for their dedication and professionalism throughout this process and wish them the very best in the future.”