Offbeat Video

By Ben Walley 

This amazing little girl smashes a tree with her brilliant boxing skills.

Little Evnika Saadvakass has been training since she was three and dreams of becoming a professional boxer.

She was practising her aim by boxing at the tree, when she said to her father “Daddy, I want to break this tree”.


Evnika’s father, Rustam Saadvakass, a professional boxing trainer, watched on as soon the tree was destroyed before his eyes – nothing left but splinters.

Rustam and Evnika are both from Voronezh, Russia. Rustam has trained Evnika and her seven siblings since they were young.

He said: “Evnika trains every day, twice a day. She is very fond of boxing she always looks for new goals for herself, as you probably already could see from the video where Evnika breaks the door or smashes a tree into chips.

“In the beginning came a simple idea, to beat towards the tree, not touching it. This exercise is for accuracy, no one was going to break the trees. But Evnika always tried to hit the tree harder, gradually gaining excitement and increasing the power of strikes.


“At some point, working on wood herself felt that she could break it and then she told me: “Daddy, I want to break this tree” and the next moment the tree was shattered into chips.

“I was lucky to be in that moment and took with me a camera and shoot her workout. The following trees were already broken by Evnika at the request of the Evnika fans and the media.

“She really likes boxing and doing what she does. Many Evnika fans watching her video worry about her hands. But Evnika’s hands are very strong, she trains every day with the high-speed simulator Evnik created by her family and named in her honor, which is why her hands are much stronger and stronger than her peers.

“Evnika wants to become a professional boxer – she wants to makes people happy and promote a healthy lifestyle.


“Wherever she appears, people become happy and smiles appears.

“Evnika is like a little asterisk that can fill people’s hearts with joy and love. She has that spark, the energy we’ve seen in such personalities as Michael Jackson, Muhamed Ali, Diego Maradona, Mike Tyson, and many others who were able to make our hearts beat even harder.


“I hope and pray to God that this ability in Evnika has not died out, as she grows up.”