By Jasmine Kazlauskas

A shocked new mum gave birth just 15 MINUTES after finding out she was pregnant – after mistaking her contractions for appendicitis.

Pics from Caters News: Jayde Lawrence, 27, when about 6 months pregnantworld.

Jayde Lawrence, 27, from Perth, Western Australia, had absolutely no idea that she was nine months pregnant when she staggered into the emergency ward at her local hospital on Monday [MAR 5] with excruciating stomach pains.

The property manager thought she was suffering from appendicitis as nurses rushed for an emergency ultrasound – but got the shock of her life when she heard her baby’s heartbeat come through the monitor.

The mum-of-two barely had time to hear the words “you’re pregnant” before she went into full labour – and just 15 minutes and four pushes later, Jayde and her partner Kurt Stuart, 32 welcomed their son Jax into the world.

Jayde – who is also mum to Jayla, 18 months, said she was “absolutely shocked” after showing no signs of symptoms of pregnancy whatsoever and having two pregnancy tests come back negative.

Pics from Caters News: Jayde Lawrence, 27, when 6-7 months pregnant]

And miraculously, the 27-year-old even conceived despite having polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) which makes it harder to have kids – and had periods throughout her pregnancy.

Jayde said: “That morning I was getting ready to go run a work errand, so I popped into the shower.

“As soon as I got in, I started having excruciating stomach pains.

“I’m quite a stubborn person, so I let them go on for nearly an hour before I said anything to my partner.

“But by that time, I was keeled over, white in the face and sweating profusely.

Pics from Caters News: Jayde Lawrence, 27, just after giving birth to baby Jax.

“My partner Kurt just said I needed to go to hospital as it could be appendicitis.

“My brother drove me there and as I was checking myself into the emergency department, I was having what felt like labour pains.

“I said to the woman behind the counter ‘it feels like contractions – but that’s impossible because I’m not pregnant’.

“I had an ultrasound and then I heard a heartbeat come through the monitor.

“I couldn’t believe what I was hearing – that was the most shocking part, to find out I was actually pregnant.

“I had no idea how far along I was or what was happening.

Pics from Caters News: Jayde Lawrence, 27, with her partner Kurt Stuart and baby Jax.

“They rushed me off to the birthing suite and with just four pushes, he was out.

“Between finding out I was pregnant and giving birth, it was only about fifteen minutes.

“They just pulled him out, put him on my chest and said congratulations – you’ve just had a healthy baby boy.

“I’m one of those people to read a story like mine and think ‘as if you wouldn’t know that you’re pregnant’.

“But when it happens to you, and people say that to you, it’s like well – put yourself in that situation.

“I had absolutely no idea, and when I told everyone they were just shocked.”

Because everything happened so quickly, Jayde’s partner Kurt could not get to the hospital in time to witness the birth of his son.

Jayde said she did put on a small amount of weight over the nine months and felt ‘a bit pudgy’ but put it down to het lack of exercise and poor diet after changing jobs.

Pics from Caters News: Jayde Lawrences partner Kurt Stuart with baby Jax and daughter Jayla

And coincidentally, her son was born on Western Australia’s ‘Labor Day’.

Jayde added: “I was a bit sad that Kurt couldn’t be there in time for the birth of our son because it all happened so fast.

“I just kept thinking about how he would react to the news.

“But he was absolutely over the moon. He burst into tears when I told him over the phone.

“Jayla was a bit shocked as well to suddenly have a little baby brother, but she has taken on the role of big sister so well and just loves him to pieces.

“It was heartwarming to see all my friends and family rally around to help us.

“They bought all the essential baby supplies we needed. It was amazing.

“I was so overwhelmed throughout the entire journey and I kept worrying about whether Jax was going to be alright.

“But when he was checked over by the doctors and nurses, they were all so surprised as to how healthy he is – and how healthy I am as well.

“He was examined by the doctor just yesterday and she said that he is absolutely perfect.

“I was so relieved to hear that. I couldn’t be happier.  It was the best surprise of my entire life.”