By Hayley Pugh

This daredevil proved he was SUMMIT else – scaling huge icebergs in sub-zero temperatures.

Ice-cool climber, Jesse Milner, took on the slippery ascents in both Svínafellsjökull and Fjallsárlón in Iceland over two nights and the incredible feats were caught on camera by photographer friend, Paul Zizka.

Pic by Paul Zizka/Caters News

Pic by Paul Zizka/Caters News

Paul, from the Canadian Rockies, took a series of breathtaking pictures during the climbs and even managed to capture the Northern Lights in the background of one particularly ambient shot.

But the snapper, who is known for his spectacular adventure photography, admitted the stunt didn’t come without risks such as the iceberg moving or even tipping over.

Pic by Paul Zizka/Caters News

Paul said: “The ice can be extremely brittle, and although the icebergs appeared relatively stable in mid-winter, there’s always a chance of them shifting or even toppling.

“Beyond the technical side of the climbing, as the photographer, I had to contend with some adverse weather as one usually does in Iceland in the winter.

Pic by Paul Zizka/Caters News

“This included lack of clear skies, and some technical terrain to get to the angle I was searching for. We were also shooting very dark scenes, so oftentimes I had to push the camera gear to the limit.

“I really like that shot that has a hint of aurora. It was a treat to see green in the frame after two nights of hard work at the lagoon.”