Animals Video

By Hayley Pugh 

This un-baa-lievable video shows the moment a farmer was forced to dig his sheep out of a five-foot snow drift.

The footage was taken on a remote farm called the Lampert, near Birdoswald in Cumbria and shows shepherd, Craig Ballantyne, 28, desperately digging at the heavy snow in a bid to rescue his sheep.

Craig’s wife, Zoe, shot the video on Saturday (March 3) as they went searching for the sheep after being snowed in at home with their two children.

The 26-year-old said: “The snow had drifted up the wall side so I’d say it would of been about five foot high.

There were two stuck under there and he travelled along the snow poking with a rod to feel for them.

“We got snowed in on the Monday night and the snow came down heavy on Tuesday so we didn’t get to see them for four days.

“He has done this before many years ago but luckily it’s rare.

“Surprisingly both the sheep were a bit wobbly until they walked a bit.

“Then they ran straight for a feed, unaware of how it could have turned out for them.”