Animals Video

By Charlotte Regen

This demanding cat really loves her pats – especially on her backside.

Stephanie Leja, from Joliet, Illinois, first noticed her two-year-old cat Hannah really enjoyed pats on her behind when her boyfriend petted her like a dog.

Ready to scald him, Stephanie realised Hannah really seemed to enjoy it and came back for more.


The doting owners have since increased the strength of the pats, but Hannah really has not care.

She has no problems with turning away from anyone who visits the house and meowing at them until they give her behind a good pat.

Stephanie said: “I believe the first time I found out that she loved the butt pats was when my boyfriend just kind of patted her like a dog, not really thinking about it.

“I was probably like, ‘stop, she’s not a dog’ but then noticed she was totally into it.

“Then we continued to do it and even gave her harder pats that you would imagine just a big dog would like, but she was still loving it and always wanted more.

“Now it is her favorite thing and sometimes she will walk over to whoever is nearby, meow, and face her behind towards you waiting for spanks instead of pets.


“This has been going on for about two years now.

“I adopted her as a kitten after meeting her and her litter mates when they were tiny babies. My sister use to foster cat families before they become old enough to adopt out, so I got to meet her at a few weeks old and fell in love.

“Hannah also has a sister named Tia. Tia was never really into being spanked, even though she is an extremely active, strong, crazy girl. She’s ok with light butt pats but would rather just have scratches.

“Hannah is the only cat I know who just loves being spanked so much. Any time, any place, she’s all about it. It really makes me and anyone who visits laugh.”