By Mikey Jones

Forget a technicolour dreamcoat – this is an entire technicolour castle.

The Castle of Sammezzano is a multicolour maze that is sadly crumbling into a dull ruin.

Pic from Roman Robrobk/Caters Copy

The relatively plain exterior of the Tuscan mansion belies the eccentric, Moorish decoration within.

Stained glass, intricate patterns and colourful tiles cover every wall of the building, which served as a castle until it was extensively modelled by a marquis in the late 19th Century.

After the Second World War it served as a hotel until it was abandoned 25 years ago.

Photographer Roman Robroek, 30, from the Netherlands, attempted to capture the stunning beauty of the castle as it falls into disrepair.

Pic from Roman Robrobk/Caters Copy

Amongst the beautiful architecture, signs of decay such as missing taps and rubble-strewn floors threaten to ruin the once-grand building.

Roman said: “I visited the castle four years ago, and I was shocked to see the amount of decay that has hit the building since.

“The roof has been heavily damaged, externally and internally.

Pic from Roman Robrobk/Caters Copy –

“When it rains, some of the rooms are covered in water, which is sad to think about when you see the details and the hard work that was put into creating them in the first place.

“Some objects have also been stolen, such as the one of the taps from the bathtub.

“Action to restore, or at the very least secure the building needs to be taken immediately.

Pic from Roman Robrobk/Caters Copy

“It was not easy to acquire permission to enter the castle and shoot the photos.

“The new owner and even the courts had to formally agree to let me in, but when I got there the owner was extremely kind and helpful.

“I believe he has all the right intentions to restore this place.”