Offbeat Video

By Sophie Norris

This little girl is so desperate for her family’s Amazon Echo to play a song but she hasn’t quite mastered how to say ‘Alexa’.

Maisie Molina, 2, loves listening to ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ and other songs on the Echo, which was bought by her parents before she was even born, and she even shouts Alexa while potty training.

Despite not mastering the pronunciation yet, Maisie, from Cincinnati, Ohio, is desperate to have a chat with Alexa and can be seen getting increasingly frustrated that the £89.99 device doesn’t understand her.


In the clip, she shouts ‘Ahwegah!’ repeatedly while jumping up and down angrily that her robot companion is ignoring her.

The cute tot gets increasingly louder but still struggles to pronounce the name correctly. Eventually she storms off in frustration on to the next task while her mum, Connie Molina, 31, shouts Alexa instead.

Connie has now shared the hilarious video of Maisie while jokingly posting ‘Amazon could you please put in an update for the Amazon Echo to respond to “Ahhweggahhh”. Our daughter is still working on her L’s. Thanks.”

Connie said: “Maisie absolutely loves Alexa and is always shouting her when we’re in the house. It’s super sweet.

“She’s just learning to talk so at first I had no idea what she was trying to say and couldn’t understand her.

“Learning to pronounce Alexa is an ongoing process for Maisie because she doesn’t seem to be able to say Ls. When she says a word with an L in it, it comes out as a W.

“At first, I thought ‘what are you saying kid?’ I thought she was just gabbling and making up words.

“Then one day we were sat at the dining room table and she shouted and pointed at the Echo and I realised what she wanted. I cracked up.

“Maisie loves listening to her sing-a-long songs and she’d heard us for quite a while saying ‘Alexa, play The Wheels on the Bus.’


“She’ll sit on the potty and try to shout Alexa so she’ll play some music for her. She wants to sing along to her ABCs while on the potty.”

Even when Maisie was just months old, the device helped stop her crying by playing Romeo Santos music.

The tech-savvy toddler even enjoys listening to the weather and repeats back what Alexa has said to her parents.

Connie admits that when she finally does master how to say the name properly, it’ll be ‘very dangerous’ as she’ll be making all kinds of demands.

Connie said:  “She’s at the phase where she’s starting to say little things and will copy what we are saying.

“We’ve actually had an Alexa for quite a while and we regularly use it at home to check the weather and listen to music.

“When we ask Alexa what the weather is like for that day, Maisie will nod along and say ‘oh yeah, okay’. Then if Alexa says it’s a certain number of degrees outside, Maisie will repeat ‘degrees’ to us. Or if Alexa says ‘cold’, she’ll go ‘cold’ and nod.

“When she does finally work out how to pronounce Alexa’s name and starting talking properly, that’ll be pretty dangerous. She’ll be getting Alexa to do all sorts of things.

“If Amazon did ever make an update for ‘baby voice recognition’ I think parents all over the world would hate me.”