Offbeat Video

By Luke Kenton

These paddling pensioners were swept up in a wave of hilarity after a quick dip turned into a series of slips, leaving the laughing pair stranded on their stomachs and unable to get up from a timid tide of tiny waves.

In Miramar, Argentina, Romi Nunez was enjoying a quiet sunbathe at the beach when a comical commotion suddenly caught her attention.


Looking up to see a woman rolling around in the shallows of the shoreline, the 24-year-old started to record unaware of the hilarity about to ensue, on February 19.

Knowing the woman was not in any danger, Romi watched on in hysterics as a two good Samaritans attempted to heave the marooned lady to her feet – but they ultimately failed as they watched her spin away with the receding tide.

Appearing to not be attempting any real effort to lift herself from the sand, the woman’s friend watches on laughing as her companion continues to be helplessly thrust to and from the shoreline.


Eventually hoisted to her feet after a painfully hilarious calamity of chaos – as the original lady is finally brought to the refuge of her deckchair, incredibly her mocking friend then suffers the same fate, too, losing her footing and being sucked into the crashing waves – much to the amusement of Romi.

Still finding the footage amusing even now, Romi, who works in childcare, said: “I was just relaxing by the water when I saw the two women playing in the sea.

“They were paddling in the waves when one lost her footing.

“She started to swim with them, but for some reason couldn’t get up from the sand – it was so funny.


“My reaction was just pure laughter because I knew she wasn’t in any danger; she just couldn’t get up from the waves, even with two trying to help her.

“It was even funnier when the lady who had been laughing the whole time fell over, too – I couldn’t stop.”