Animals Video

By Curtis Mitchell

This ferocious feline may take the crown for world’s angriest cat as it chases its owner out of a room hissing.

As owner Alexander Vinogradov moves to enter a room at home in Verkhneye Dubrovo, Russia, his pet cat Navalnik is already audible from a distance.

Once the sliding doors are open, the mad moggy comes racing to meet Alexander hissing wildly, leaving his owner to recoil.

Laughing, Alexander finally gets close to his four-year-old pet, sporting some almost demonic eyes, who then attacks with his whole body.

Alexander said: “It is crazy how angry he gets.

“I don’t know why it happens, but sometimes he just flares up.

“It only ended up lasting for an hour before he calmed down.

“I’m used to it now, and afterwards all he wants is some cuddles.”