Offbeat Video

By Katy Gill 

THIS is the stomach churning moment a climber descends more than 300 feet in to a cave.

Bryce Smith travelled with a group of cavers to Mexico where they filmed the daring footage.

The group abseiled down the vertical drop using just a rope to get to the bottom.

Adventurous Bryce, who has been caving since his teens, said he loves looking for areas that have not yet been explored.

The video was taken in the state of Coahuila, Mexico, up in the Sierra Madre Oriental Mountains at the end of last year.

Student Bryce, 21, said: “We we’re looking for caves that haven’t yet been explored.

“It would be really stupid to do this alone or with people who aren’t well trained in these skills.

“The minimum number of cavers that enter a cave at a time should be three, in this cave we had six people, all vertically trained, and some have vertical cave rescue training through the National Cave Rescue Commission.

“You really have to trust your gear, your knowledge, your safety factor, your friends and their skills, and the rope more than anything.

“I love caving and rappelling so much. I don’t fear heights, and I trust my gear, knowledge and decisions to keep me safe. I’m also not claustrophobic at all so that has been really helpful in smaller caves.

“Of course you receive a healthy helping of cuts, scrapes, and some bruises from crawling though the cave, bouncing off walls but I haven’t yet really hurt myself badly and I hope I never do.”