By Pete Goddard

This cheeky Cockapoo caused his owners hundreds of pounds of damage when he chewed himself free of the family kitchen.

Feisty pooch Buzz’s owner, Alex Pellowe, 47, said her husband had come back for lunch, having left their one-year-old hound in the kitchen.

But instead of greeting Buzz in the kitchen, they found him sitting proudly in the porch having broken free by chewing and scratching himself a Cockapoo-sized hole in the kitchen door.

Shocked by the destruction her husband, James, 44, boarded up the door and re-sealed it with a plank of wood before heading out once more.

But after he’d returned a second time, he discovered that determined buzz had broken free once again – removing the board and making the hole even bigger!

Alex, from Poulton-le-fylde, Blackpool, said:“He stays in kitchen/lounge when we go out and normally he’s fine with it.

Pics by Peter Goddard / Caters News

“We always say he’s a bit of a cartoon dog – he’s got a taste for shoes and slippers. He’s very clichéd, if you give him a bone he goes and buries it in the back garden and then and dig it up later. He even barks at the post man.

“He also takes all the plastic bottles out of the recycling and chew them up, as well as getting the eyes out of the children’s toys – we have to watch everything all the time.

“My eldest daughter is a bit dog crazy, so she’s been asking for a dog since I could talk. I really didn’t want a dog, but gave in when I saw him.

“When my husband came home, he found that he’s managed to chip his way through at was sitting happily in the porch looking pleased with himself.

“He boarded off the door at lunchtime, but when we came back he’d got rid of the board he’d made the hole even bigger – we couldn’t believe it!”

“I’m laughing, but the doors not even a standard size, so we have to have one made specially.

“I don’t think we’ll be putting him in the kitchen anymore!”