Offbeat Video

By Luke Kenton

This inventive dad and his son made the most of Storm Emma, building the ultimate MAN CAVE out of having out of snow – much to the amusement of his wife.


As Storm Emma continues to sweep Britain and Ireland into a frenzy, Irene McGrath was left slightly worried when her boyfriend, Wayne Rowley, and son, Warren, went missing after going outside to ‘shovel some snow’, on March 2.

Venturing out to find the missing duo, Irene was left in hysterics when she walked outside to see a towering igloo in her front garden, in Tallaght, Ireland.

But the mum-of-three couldn’t believe her eyes when she poked her head in the entrance, discovering the two boys relaxing in front of the television, before saying ‘You’ve taken this man cave thing a little too far, haven’t you?’


Including a table, Playstation and an array of drinks, 39-year-old Wayne finally has the man-cave he’s always wanted, according to partner of 21-years, Irene, who claims he now doesn’t want the storm to pass, as it will destroy his prized creation.

Irene said: “About half an hour had gone by since I’d last seen them, so I started calling out their names but didn’t get a response in return.

“So, I went outside to look for them and started recording – I knew something was going on.

“It was so funny when I saw them. I didn’t even see them take the TV outside, so it was a real shock.

“It was Wayne’s idea to build it, and it took him a total of about six-and-a-half hours to complete.


“He’d been going in and out all day, telling me he was shoveling snow, but it turned out an igloo was being built.

“Wayne has always spoken about building a man cave, I just never expected it to be an igloo.

“They did eventually come out of the igloo for a while when their film ended, so I went inside.

“I was amazed with their handy work; it was a very smooth interior; Wayne and Warren made a great team.

“We’ve even had the neighbours inside of it and others who have been walking by and taking pictures.

“The storm has been very severe, but this was great fun.

“The boys definitely don’t want the snow to go. They’re now planning on building an extension tomorrow, if the storm holds up.

“I’m very excited to see what they have in store next.”