Animals Video

By Kristiana Hall 

This little chimp’s attempt to branch out into new skills didn’t go to plan – as it stumbled and fell crossing between trees.

The one-year-old gorilla was practicing its climbing skills at the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in the Rushaga region of Uganda when it took a tumble.

Attempting to edge across a branch in a forest thick with trees, the was caught on video chimp reaching for a branch to hold itself up, not realising it is too thin to take its weight.

With its mother looking on from below, the little gorilla lurches forward and falls to the forest floor.

The video was taken by Cathie Parker, 60, a Canadian who currently lives with her husband in Luxembourg.

Cathie said: “To be honest at the time I was trying desperately to stay upright on a very steep slope so my main concerns were for my own safety. There were a lot of brambles under me, which I’d already found out, much to my discomfort.

“We weren’t sure what this little one was up to at the time, she just seemed intent on walking across the limb and I just quickly put up my phone, not sure what she’d do.

“If you look closely below her you’ll see her mother in the bush, eating and watching her and when she falls, the mother reaches out to her. It’s very sweet.

“And don’t worry, she fell into very soft bush and was unhurt.

“I suppose she was either trying to get to her mother or she was just intent on trying to learn something she has seen her elders do, much like our toddlers like to do.

“I am fairly well travelled and this was the sixth time that I’ve been to Africa and I can honestly say that visiting the mountain gorillas in the wild was one of the most amazing experience I’ve ever had, even if the walk to see them and back was extremely challenging.

“Let’s just say my husband and I are both glad we didn’t wait until our 70th to try and do this!

“I hope this will in some small way help Uganda tourism. It’s a beautiful country, especially the Bwindi area. And the local people were wonderful and very welcoming and kind.”