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By Ben Walley

This is the beautiful moment that a mum is moved to tears by a surprise birthday puppy gift.

Michelle Mulchay’s husband, Spencer, 45, captures the astonishment on his phone as he sneaks into the house with a puppy Elsie.

With an adorable pink bow and fortieth birthday balloon attached, 13-week-old Labrador Elsie looks especially cute.

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But when he calls in his wife, so she can meet little Elsie, he’s met with totally disbelief, ‘you’re joking’ repeats Michelle, before busting into tears and pulling the little dog into a hug.

Spencer says that the puppy was a surprise to cheer up his wife after she had to retire due to her fibromyalgia.

Only Spencer and his son, Luke, 17, were in on the surprise and eight-year-old daughter Neve was in for as much of a shock as her mum.

Spencer, from Rossendale, Lancs, said: “It was my wife’s 40th birthday present which she had no idea.

“She has had two labs before one black and one Yellow and one chocolate (Elsie – the new dog) so she has had a full house now.

“It was my idea due to the fact Michelle has had to retire from work as a healthcare assistant due to suffering from fibromyalgia. She has had a very bad time with it due to suffering from chronic pain all day every day.

“So I thought a new dog would lift her mood and give her something to focus on during the day,  she has nagged me for years to get another since Bess (the yellow one) died 6 years ago.

“I will be in charge of walking duties due to her condition which isn’t a bad thing – I might lose some weight.

“When me and Luke went to collect the new dog I was a bit nervous at to what her reaction would be and if she had guessed at what I was up to due to me sorting stuff behind her back.

“The reaction was perfect on the video just what I wanted.

“She is such a good dog we all love her to bits – especially Michelle.”