Animals Video
By Taniya Dutta 

This is the hair-raising moment a female sloth bear chased away a dominant tiger after a vicious faceoff.

The fight ensued after the sloth bear entered approached a body of water with her young cub in search of water.
As soon as the tiger saw the bear heading towards the water, the wild cat viciously charged at her in front of her cub.
To protect her child, the sloth bear, who are not known for being territorial, surprisingly charged back at the big cat and chased it away despite suffering serious injuries in the attack. 
Akshay Kumar, chief naturalist of Bamboo Forest Safari Lodge at Tadoba National Park in Maharashtra, India, recorded the fierce encounter on February 28 (Wed).

Akshay said: “The tiger was cooling itself off in the water when it saw the sloth bear heading to the water body with her cub in search of water.
“It went after the sloth bear, but she kept charging to protect her cub.
“The fight carried on for 15 minutes.
“The tiger was roaring, it was a severe fight.”
In the video that is going viral on social media, the tiger is seen chasing away the bear but suddenly, it charges back at the tiger.
As the video progresses, the tiger tries to pin the bear down, but the sloth bear desperately tries to escape the tight grip.
The next few tense minutes see both animals viciously charge at each other trying to assert their dominance.

The distressed cub is seen roaring at its mother as she takes on the big cat bravely.
Akshay believes the bear was being protective of her little one and only fought with the beast because of her maternal instincts.
Tadoba National Park in Maharashtra’s Chandrapur district experiences high temperatures during summer months.
Due to the scarcity of water, animals congregate at a common water hole to have a drink leading to highly charged moments like this.