Amazing Offbeat

By Jamie Smith

This climber is really taking hanging out to the extreme – as he performs a human flag pole high above a valley.

Pictures show daring Adam Karpierz pulling the stunt flag pole 114ft  in the air, while bright sunlight glows orange on the rock.

Pic by Adam Kokot/Caters News

The stunning scene was captured by Polish photographer Adam Kokot in February, who was taking pictures of Polish climbers around the Spanish village of Margalef, Catalonia.

The 36-year-old said: “Margalef is one of the best climbing spots, and the best Polish climbers were spending the winter there.

Pic by Adam Kokot/Caters News

“I had to wait for five hours for the perfect light to shoot these images.

Pic by Adam Kokot/Caters News

“I was able to get a great picture of Adam climbing a rock pillar in the Cabernet sector, and performing an unusual human flag pole.

“It was a great experience to capture it in in the light. After waiting five hours for the light, it paid off in 10 minutes.”