Animals Video

By Neil Athey

A loving Labrador has taken an abandoned kitten under his paw and the inseparable pair are now regularly spotted snuggling up to one another, chasing each other around and enjoying mealtimes together.

The confused kitty has even tried to suckle milk from his foster dad such is the strength of the bond the pair have.

Golden Labrador Riley started to care for six-month-old long-haired kitten Milo after his mum Roo abandoned him after her other offspring were rehomed by owner Tash Floyd.

Tash, from Marchwood, Hampshire, said when she realised Milo was trying to feed from Riley, she had to film it on her camera phone.

Full-time mum Tash, 38, said: “We had seen them lying together like that a couple of times but we didn’t realise Milo was trying to feed from Riley.

“I had to whip my phone out and record it, it was absolutely adorable.

“He was looking for milk to drink from Riley, he sees him as a mum or parent figure because he was abandoned by his mother when we gave the rest of the litter away.

“I found it really nice that Riley has taken Milo in as a son.

“They’re so brilliant together. We see Riley crawling along the floor like a cat when he plays with Milo.

“It’s really nice to see him pretend to be the same species.”

The bond is so strong between the pair that Milo is often spotted waiting for Riley at the window while he’s out for a walk.

The mum-of-five said: “Riley will get back from a walk and go to his bed and Milo will run over to cuddle him.

“The pair will snuggle up and Riley will put his paw on top of Milo’s head.

“Playtime begins with Milo snuggling up to Riley until he wakes up, it’s very cute, however when they play Riley forgets he’s a dog and is a lot bigger.

“When they go running around the rooms Riley will jump around and follow Milo onto the sofas.

“It’s fine when they’re running around but then they start going over the furniture and they get a bit too excitable.”

Tash said along with Milo’s mum, her two other cats, Princess and Bell, didn’t seem interested in looking after the kitten either.

Tash said: “It was sad that Milo was abandoned, he would have felt really lonely if Riley didn’t step in to help him.

“We feed all our pets at the same time and we’ve found Riley doesn’t like anyone going near his bowl while he munches on his food.

“He’s very territorial with it – however when Milo comes walking along he will let him come right up to the bowl without any bother.

“He really loves Milo and we all think it’s amazing. My friends think it’s so sweet and so do I.”

Tash and her tyre company manager husband Danny Floyd, live with their five children, Chanelle, 19, Sadie, 17, Luke, 16, Lilly, 15 and Harry, 12.

Tash said Riley was the first dog the family had from being a puppy, and was bought to help support Luke, who has Asperger Syndrome.

Tash said: “Riley is a bit of a super dog really, he’s been a great friend to him and now he’s been a great parent for Milo.

“Because the kids have been brought up with the pair, they think it’s fairly normal, however it still surprises me.

“We would like to bring another dog into the house eventually, however we don’t want to upset the balance between Riley and Milo so it won’t be any time soon.”