Offbeat Video

By Luke Kenton

It’s total wipeout for these surfers, who fall victim to Maui’s famed monstrous winter waves in spectacular style.

Thousands of surfers gather in Peahi, Maui, every year in search of the most perfect waves on the planet – an accolade the town is renown for providing, year after year.

With waves ranging between a staggering 40 to 50 feet in height, Peahi supplies surfers with the perfect challenge to test their skills on the unforgiving terrain – but inevitably most fail.

Aptly nicknamed “Jaws,” the relentless swell nibbles and rips at the heels of the surfers before completely overpowering them with breakneck force.

With injuries ranging from burst ear drums to broken bones, there’s little room for error – but surfer and videographer Aldo Tassara never misses a fall as he flocks to the shoreline during every cycle of this iconic swell, which lasts into March.

47-Year-old Aldo, said: “I’m also a surfer, so I feel exactly what they feel out there.

“It’s very dangerous even for the most experienced of surfers – the shoreline entry itself is some feat, with rolling boulders and a 15 foot shore break.

“With waves equaling a four- or five-story building and tonnes of water dropping on top of you, you can be held under the water for over a minute.

“And even when you do resurface, there’s another huge wave waiting for you.

“People are saying that these are the biggest waves we’ve seen since 2009.

“I’ve tried to surf this swell in slightly safer sport for old surfers, but if I was younger I would’ve loved to have given them a go.”