Offbeat Video

By Katy Gill

These adorable rescue sheep are taken on walks so they can go and see the world.

With their own harnesses, Eira and Fria are twin sheep sisters that live in Skåne county, Sweden.

Their owner Paulina Tufvesson, 25, says that people are often surprised by how intelligent and friendly her pet sheep are.

Paulina came across a young Fria in a pasture and fell in love with the little lamb instantly and crowdfunded enough money to rescue Fria and her sister Eira.

The freelance writer and photographer, who also runs her own company, said: “The video shows how they are learning how to walk on a leash so that we can take them out to see the world!

“We haven’t left the farm yet but hopefully we can take them in to town this summer! I get a lot of comments online about them, which is very fun.

“I don’t walk them every day but I try to take them out a few times a week.

“The live in a pasture, but we live right between a railroad and a big road so it’s too risky for them to roam free. Hopefully we can take them to the forest in the future and let them loose.

“I walk them in and out of the stable and out to graze and discover new places around the farm.

“I found the harnesses in a pet store – they are for dogs, but they work just as well.

“People are surprised that sheep are so smart and loving. They are very much like dogs (when given the chance) but people often assume that they are dumb. They are very trainable and affectionate.

“I was not meant to have sheep at all but accidentally stumbled across Fria in a pasture. I was out walking our dogs and this beautiful little lamb caught my eye and my heart.

“I managed to find the number to the owners and thanks to a fundraiser I could save her and her twin sister Eira just in time before they were headed to slaughter.”