Nature Video

By Mike Jones

THIS is the incredible moment a climber was filmed making his way up a frozen waterfall on Snowdon.

Carl Rogers was filmed on the treacherous climb after taking advantage of this week’s big freeze.

The 57-year-old is an experienced climber and said it is only the third time in nearly 50 years of climbing that he has seen the phenomenon.

He called the current cold snap a “gift” after making his way up the route with climbing partner Lee Cresswell, 59.

Carl, who lives near Chester, Cheshire, said: “I’ve been walking, climbing and scrambling over mountains in the UK and Europe for almost 50 years.

“The photos were taken on a frozen stream that cascades out of one of the high ‘cwms’ on the quieter north side of Snowdon, known as Cwm Glas Mawr, just below the notorious Crib Goch ridge.

“During a good freeze ice builds up to a thickness of several metres in places, producing a series of frozen vertical waterfalls separated by easier angled cascades.

“Known as Sargent’s Gulley it provides one of the best ice climbing routes around.

“The right conditions don’t come round very often. I’ve climbed this on three occasions; the first time in 1985 when winters seem to have been far more severe than they currently are, and just twice more over the following three decades, showing just how rare and fleeting the right conditions are.

“The current cold snap was a gift and as my work is flexible we were able to get up there away from the busy weekend and have it to ourselves. Surprisingly there was no sign of anyone else having climbed it during the current freeze

“We first spotted this route way back in the bitter winter of 1978 when we camped nearby.”