Animals Video

By Luke Kenton

As uncharacteristic levels of snow continue to fall across the U.K, this clever canine enjoyed his doggy day off by attempting to ‘build a snowman’ in his back garden, only to be caught in the act by his owner.

Though by no means his first snow fall, Tyson the border collie is always excited to see the white powder settle in his back garden in Durham, England, according to owner Reece Pallister.

Claiming that Tyson will do anything for attention, Reece admits that he’s never seen his 8-year-old pooch react quite like he did on February 28.

When Reece looked out the window, he saw his beloved dog rolling a giant snowball across the ground.

Seeming as if he was attempting to build the base of a snowman, Reece ran to grab his phone and film Tyson’s unbelievable effort.

Rolling the white boulder around the garden for a staggering twenty minutes, Reece claims the ball of snow got so big Tyson wasn’t able to maneuver it anymore, so he had to step into to help the dog finish his creation.

Keeping an eye on Tyson to see what other hidden talents he may have, Reece said: “My mum let Tyson out in the garden and as she walked up the stairs, she noticed what he was doing out of the window.

“Tyson and my other dog are always doing silly things for attention, but I’ve never seen any dog do this before, let alone mine.

“We get snow so infrequently in the UK that he gets super excited when he sees it.

“At one point, the ball was so big he couldn’t get it over to the other side of the garden, so my sister and I had to move it for him.

“I’ve got to keep an eye on these dogs, they can be very mischievous.

“I didn’t expect them to build a snowman, who else knows what they can do.”