Offbeat Video

By Helen Le Caplain

A tot looking forward to visiting a water park’s accidentally turned the air blue when she was caught on camera repeatedly shouted ‘pile of sh**’ instead of ‘pirate ship’.

Little Maia Batten, 2, was excitedly telling mum Rachael Brough about the pirate ship she wanted to go on at Coral Reef in Bracknell, Berks.

However the little girl, who struggles to pronounce certain letters, couldn’t get her tongue round the phrase leaving her bemused mum in stitches while trying in vain to get her to say it correctly.

In the video filmed on Monday, the excitable little girl can be heard declaring ‘pile of sh**’ while her perplexed mum says ‘no, listen to mummy – pirate ship’.

Maia repeats herself, then begins to giggle and eventually runs away from the camera.

Mum-of-two Rachael said: “I was taking her swimming to a water park called Coral Reef where they have a massive pirate ship.

“I was just asking her if she wanted to go on the ship – she was so excited about it – then she suddenly shouted ‘pile of sh**’.

“At first I thought she was saying that because she didn’t want to go on it and shouted ‘Maia, don’t say that!’

“I was really confused as it’s not something we say at home, but then I realised what she was trying to say. I thought it was funny.

“I said ‘no, it’s pirate ship’ but she obviously thought that was what she was saying as she kept repeating it, that’s when I decided to start filming.”

Rachael said her plumber partner Matthew Batten, 28, found the video hilarious.

The 27-year-old hairdresser said: “I showed Matthew the video when he came home from work, he thought it was so funny.

Rachael, who takes Maia and her five-year-old sister Sophia Batten to the water park once a month, said her youngest repeated the mortifying mistake as she splashed about in the pool, leaving bemused visitors scratching their heads.

Rachael said: “She still hasn’t mastered it. We went to the water park on Monday afternoon after I filmed the clip and as soon as she saw it she started shouting it again.

“A couple of people looked over as we were going towards the ship which was embarrassing but they soon worked out what she was saying.

“She’s a real character. She sometimes struggles pronouncing other words, for example she can’t say ‘clock’, she misses the ‘l’ out and says ‘c*ck’.

“I must admit I did laugh when she first did that, I couldn’t help it.

“Another time we were at the park and she was running towards me with a massive stick, she ran up to me and said ‘look mummy I’ve got a big d*ck’.

“The video is definitely a moment to look back on and laugh at when she’s older, for now she still doesn’t know what she’s saying.”