Life Video


By Charlotte Regen

This incredible footage shows a woman sucking in her large baby bump, thanks to a unique pregnancy breathing routine.

Jovana Simin can be seen practising a pregnancy breathing routine, allowing her to suck in her baby bump and effectively ‘hug’ her baby.

Jovana claims that there are many benefits of her breathing technique, including providing strong core and pelvic floor muscles.

This footage was taken in Jovana’s parent’s house in Germany, when she was 26 weeks pregnant.

Jovana, who is a medical doctor, said: “I inhale through my belly, not just my chest, then exhale slowly, trying to bring my hip bones closer together and my obliques towards my belly button.

“As I am exhaling I am squeezing my pelvic floor muscles as well.

“I do it as many times during the day as I remember and I also make sure my breathing is on point during my workouts.

“It is vital that pregnant women start incorporating diaphragmatic breathing, activation of deep core muscles as well as pelvic floor muscles into their everyday routines.”