Animals Video

By Curtis Mitchell 

This little kitty loves playtime with his owner as he keeps coming back to be thrown up in the air by his owner.

Bagel, the three-year-old cat, lives in Shanghai, China, lives with his owner, Nathanael Horny and his girlfriend, and was captured in their living room enjoying the high life, back on February 19.

Nathanael said: “Bagel, our cat, is extremely sweet and really likes the attention we give him, whether it is when we hold him like a baby, dancing around with him or toss him onto the couch.

“I think we first found out that he isn’t afraid of heights when we first saw him vertically climb our clothes closet and jumped off.

“For some reason, he was doing this over and over and we figured he liked going airborne.

“That’s when we decided to try out tossing him onto the couch, a much softer surface than the ground. After the first toss, we noticed that he immediately came back to his starting position so we tried it again.

“As you can hear in the video my girlfriend couldn’t stop laughing and I myself also really enjoyed seeing Bagel the cat, having so much fun.”