Animals Video

By Charlotte Regen

This little pup will do anything for a treat and has even performed in front of huge crowds with his owner.

Louby, the six-year-old Westie, has been with owner Alison Barrable and her daughter Amelia since she was a year-old as has since built up an impressive array of tricks.

Louby has even performed in front of huge crowds at the London and Birmingham Pet show and in an Opera at Northampton Derngate Theatre, as well as local dog shows, carnivals and talent shows.

Alison, from Northampton, said: “Amelia has been training Louby since we got her. Louby is quick at picking up tricks and moves and can learn them in a few hours.

“Louby can do 60 plus tricks and moves, being a terrier they can be stubborn but she is rewarded with food so normally will do anything.”

The little pooch can be seen jumping through the arms of her owner, weaving through her legs and spinning around on his hind legs.

Alison said: “Louby is well travelled as comes on holiday with us, she has even seen the sights of London.

“She loves performing and not phased by cameras or people.

“She is a bit of a diva and sometimes not keen on other dogs who crowd her.

“Louby best and favourite trick is her handstand.”