Life Video

By Katy Gill

A disabled model has shown incredible strength lifting herself and her wheelchair as part of an inspirational fitness routine.

Karneshia Shantel, has Spina Bifida and has been confined to a wheelchair since she was just three-years-old.


But the dedicated model and nail technician refuses to let her condition get in the way as she takes on various strenuous exercises including pulls ups and dips as part of a rigorous training regime.

The 27-year-old, who started modelling three years ago, is a member of Lakeshore Foundation – a charity helping people with physical disabilities.


She attends the gym there on a regular basis, which is where this incredible footage was filmed.

She said: “I don’t find myself facing any daily struggles except getting out of bed in the morning.


“I receive a lot of positivity from friends and people I don’t even know from all over the world. The power of social media is amazing.

“Collectively, myself and the wheelchair weigh approximately 80 pounds.”