Video Viral

By Katy Gill

A stunned shopper found aquatic creatures on sale in a Walmart store dead in their tanks.

Abbi Bell was shocked when she stumbled across animals floating in brown water while walking around the massive shop in Fleming Island, Florida, USA, on February 26.

As the 28-year-old restaurant manager browsed the Betta fish aisles, she was taken aback by nine different fish either floating on top of water or down by the pebbles.

Moving from tank to tank, the water quality ranges from clear to murky brown and after finishing her shopping, Abbi called and complained to the duty manager about the tanks.

Abbi said: “I was absolutely appalled.

“Judging by the colour of the water and decay of the fish, they had been dead for a few days.

“There were approximately nine fish dead and just two of them were alive.

“I have seen the fish in Walmart in poor condition before, but nothing this extreme.”

After posting the video to Facebook, where it has had more than 7000 views with some saying: “I understand that fish die, that’s not the point.

“The point is these fish of been dead a very long time and they are still sitting on the shelf.”

A spokesperson for Walmart said: “We are working with store management to address this issue.

“We take this matter seriously and care about the aquatic animals at our stores.”