By Michael Scott

You could be firing on all cylinders if you have a spare £17,000 to buy this ex-military tank.

Gavin Mayall, 47, from Shepton Mallet, is selling the Sultan Armoured Command Tank on eBay and last toured with the armoured regiment, the Queens Royal Hussars.

Pics by Gavin Mayall/Caters News

Gavin, who drives occasionally drives the tank himself, is now hoping to find the retired recruit a new home.

He said: “As tanks go the Sultan family is considered to be very maneuverable and agile marked speed 76kmph and can be accurately driven by almost anyone.

“All that is required to drive on the road is a two-day course for an H Licence.

“She was built in 1979 and was fitted with the lovely Jaguar XJ6 straight 6 Petrol engine.

“The UK military converted the tank to diesel and she was retrofitted with the highly desirable 5.9 L engine.

Pic from Caters News

“I don’t know much of the history she is named ‘Ypres’ not many were named individually so there must be an interesting story there.

“There is some evidence of yellow paint beneath the green paint so she’s been somewhere hot possibly Gulf, Iraq, Afghanistan.”

Gavin, who is dyslexic, left school with no qualifications and was told he wouldn’t amount to much but is now a successful, self-employed entrepreneur.

He said: “I am a self-employed entrepreneur the last time I had a formal pay cheque was November 1992.

Pics by Gavin Mayall/Caters News

“When you don’t have a plan everything just seems to work its way out.

“From a Tank to a Toilet Roll If you want something unusual I can generally find it.”