Offbeat Video

By Curtis Mitchell 

This tired mum finally got to enjoy some PAW-FECT silence – after her toddler and puppy fell asleep together hand in paw.

Kristina Prasad was home alone with her now two-year-old toddler Kennedy and German Shepherd puppy Harley and the two were giving her the run around.

However, after Kristina took Harley back out of her crate and allowed Kennedy to snuggle down next to her, the two fell soundly asleep.


Delighted Kristina filmed the peaceful scene as she crept around them.

Kristina, from Burnaby in British Columbia, Canada, said: “I took the video in my daughter’s room. We had only had Harley, our German Shepherd puppy, for a few days.

“The house was very hectic with an almost two-year-old and a new puppy, and that night I was by myself with them.

“Kennedy was taking hours to be put to sleep and wanted to play with the dog.

“Finally I took the dog out of her crate and told Kennedy to lay down and sleep with Harley, and it worked.


“I left them sleeping for about an hour so  could regain my sanity and have a meal. I couldn’t leave them too long as Harley was not potty trained.

“I put Kennedy in bed and Harley in her crate.

“I began the night wondering if I’d made a mistake by getting a new puppy while I had a toddler. It was a lot of work.

“After they had fallen asleep together I realised this lifelong bond between them would enrich all of our live and I could not have been more grateful.”