Nature Video

By David Aspinall

Fierce winds caused by the Beast from the East storm made a waterfall to blow back on itself as the water plummets off the cliff face.

As Muhammed Emin Kizilkaya drove past the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland, he saw the torrents of water’s direction being turned on its head.

With contrasting weather fronts from Siberia and the Caribbean coming together on February 27, wind speeds of up to 90mph swirl underneath the waterfalls around Seljalandsfoss.

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Muhammed, a freelancer and avid meteorologist from Reykjavik said: “I have never seen a waterfall act like this to such an extent.

“It was fascinating.

“All the passing cars stopped by to watch what was happening.

“The many smaller waterfalls are not very known as they are one out of many running down the mountain from the glacier.”