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By Ellie Duncombe

A massive crocodile dramatically takes down a giraffe next to a watering hole in this rare footage.

As guide Mario Paul led a tour through the Lower Sabie part of Kruger National Park, South Africa, he noticed a giraffe lying on the ground.

With no noticeable predators nearby, the experience safari owner was surprised until he saw the gangly animal try to stand up.

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Having clambered up to its front hooves, suddenly a crocodile appears above the long grass with its jaws clamped around the giraffe’s back legs dragging it back to the ground.

Using its almost ton of weight, the ravenous reptile keeps its meal pinned to the ground for more than three and a half hours as the tour passed by multiple times.

Mario said: “For a crocodile to take on something that big is unheard of, never mind actually managing to finish the kill.

“This was very traumatic to watch and for some of my guests it was just too much, and they couldn’t stop their tears.

“I know it’s nature and I have seen many kills in my guiding career, but never has one touched me as deeply as this one.

“On the one side I felt for the giraffe, but on the other side, I knew I was witnessing something that has probably never been recorded.

“That is nature for you.”

The crocodile – which Mario believes was between four and five metres long – kept a fierce clasp on his slippery snack for an hour while the group watched.

When they returned after continuing their safari, the giraffe was still gamely clinging on to life but clearly growing exhausted.

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Mario said: “Every time the giraffe tried to get up my guests and I started tried to encourage the giraffe in the hope that it might help.

“We could hear how he was falling down and we could feel his suffering and helplessness.

“It was extremely traumatic for us and we decided to leave the sighting after an hour as we could not bear to watch this poor giraffe suffer any longer.

“The giraffe apparently tried to get up several more times, but his leg was badly broken, and he was completely exhausted and thus was unable to do so.

“We were told that the crocodile let go after three hours and just slid back into the water to watch.

“By the next day, the resident pride of lions had come across the giraffe and finished it off.”