Video Viral

By Helen Le Caplain

Two tortoises who had previously enjoyed a platonic relationship were sent into a romping frenzy – as steamy film Fifty Shades of Grey was on TV.

Owner Jack Osborne was left open mouthed when he spotted the usually docile pair enjoying a quickie as a shirtless Christian Grey seduced Ana Steele on screen.

And just as the books are believed to have sparked the biggest baby boom in 40 years, it seems the bonkbuster has a similar effect on cold-blooded reptiles male Raphael and female Donatello too.

Dad-of-one Jack, 26, said: “I was sat on the living room floor packing some stuff together while my wife watched Fifty Shades at 11pm on Friday night – I’m not a fan of the film myself.”

“Out of the corner of my eye I noticed something move in the tank and I knew what was coming.

“I was sniggering to myself as I picked up the phone and sure enough they were going for it.

“It only lasted a couple of minutes and then it was all over.

“Donatello stayed where she was while Raphael jumped off and walked away.”

The 21-second footage shows the film’s lead character Christian Grey attempting to explain his unusual bedroom habits to a virginal Anastasia Steele on screen.

The camera then pans right to the tank where cocky Raphael looks at the camera and then as Anastasia replies ‘enlighten me then’ starts humping his partner.

Jack, a solider in the British Army, said the film must have had something to do with their impromptu relations as they usually live quietly side by side.

Jack said: “I was surprised because they normally keep themselves to themselves. One’s usually asleep all day while the other sits in the corner.

“But the film must have had some effect as Raphael suddenly jumped up and was full of life for a few minutes.”

Jack’s wife, full-time mum Sammii was too engrossed with the film to notice the turtles’ sexploits but giggled about it when she saw the footage of tortoises.

Sammii, 24, said: “The film clearly got them going. I was just sat on the sofa watching the TV and when that scene came on they started going for it.

“I just laughed when I saw the video, it’s funny that the film worked for them in that way.”