Life Video

By Harriet Whitehead

Meet the one in three million triplets who are earning thousands carving out a career on the big screen.

Three-year-old Kuzey, Koray and Ayaz Cerikci are naturally conceived triplets who hit the headlines when they were born with a rare condition.


Identical twins Kuzey and Koray were diagnosed with monochorionic monoamniotic, or ‘mono-mono’, meaning they shared the one amniotic sac and placenta – a condition affecting just one per cent of all twins.

The tiny tots were whisked straight to the high dependency unit with Kuzey and Koray weighing just 3lbs 13oz and Ayaz 4lbs 2oz.

But proud parents Claire Cerikci, 39, and Gurcan Cerikci, 39, say they are now thriving having scored roles in Lennie James’s new television drama Save Me and the upcoming Mary Queen of Scots film starring Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie.

The boys are also brand ambassadors for around 50 companies after their cute pics won over fans on social media.


Full-time mum-of-six Claire, from Chelmsford, Essex, said: “The boys have been amazing with the filming.

“The very first time that we attempted anything was the day after they were born.

“There was an agency looking for babies that were around a month old. They were looking for a set of triplets.

“It was about five months afterwards they appeared in Silent Witness.


“Kuzey and Koray did eight day’s filming playing one of the character’s baby.

“They were on location for as much as five hours a day and the filming revolved around them.

“They were amazing, they were so natural.

“The director would ask my advice and make us feel wanted on set. There were a couple of scenes where something happened and they asked my advice.


“We had such an amazing experience on that – I think it would have been make or break and could have put us off but they did everything they could to make it as easy as possible for us.”

The gorgeous trio are also appearing in new Sky Atlantic drama Save Me, starring Doctor Foster’s Suranne Jones, which starts on Wednesday.

Claire said: “Lennie James offered me his seat – but I didn’t realise who he was and that he was the writer too. It’s his show.

“I had the two boys in the green room and I was sat on the floor and he offered me his chair.

“They’re in a few scenes with an actor called Thomas Coombes with both boys playing one child.

“We were behind the camera watching and he was really good with them.

“The actors would come in the trailer and play with the boys which I think made a big difference.

“They managed to get 20 takes and the director said normally they get three or four with boys their age.

“I think it helps that I’m quite relaxed and go with the flow so I think that rubs off on the boys.


“Usually they are happy to do what’s asked of them but they do take some prompting.

“And they have a thing about changing clothes. On one occasion the boys got upset when changing them for a toy fair demonstration but as soon as they were dressed they were fine and were quite happy to do what was asked.

“Usually they are just having fun.”

The boys’ biggest gig to date is a role in as a young Prince James in Mary Queen of Scots which they filmed in Edinburgh and London at the end of last year.

Although unable to reveal too much, Claire said Kuzey and Koray both filmed scenes where they were held by A-lister Saoirse Ronan.

After documenting life as a mum of triplets on social media Claire got in touch with brands including Hippychick, Newbie UK, Brother Max and Fisher Price asking if the boys could model their clothes and toys.

Claire said: “There was so much I wanted to remember about that journey so I started to post pictures online.


“After we’d started the Facebook page we started reviewing products and were invited to the Baby Show in London.

“We were given products to test and review and they had their pictures taken.

“Because there are three of them they look so cute in matching outfits.

“They don’t make any money from modelling clothes but they often get sent free stuff which comes in handy as it’s expensive to buy for three children.”

Claire said the boys have made around £8,000 from filming.

Claire said: “We split the money between all three of them. Even though Ayaz doesn’t do any of the filming he always comes to the sets with us.”

She said the youngsters all have their own personalities and thinks Kuzey may be the one who goes in to acting when he’s older.


Claire, who also starred in Channel 5 documentary Big Family Values: More Kids Than Cash last year, said: “Kuzey is really cheeky and very photogenic, he’s the most outgoing of the three.

“Ayaz is the most stubborn and probably absorbs the most – he picks things up very quickly while Karay is sensitive and caring.

“He really shows his emotions and if he sees that you’re hurt he will run over and give you a kiss.

“They’re such unique little boys – partly because they are triplets and because Kuzey and Koray are identical.

“I’m so proud of them. They are my little superstars.”